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Jet-Lite Mailers

Smooth but rigid exterior resists punctures, while corrugated interior cushions product.

Cold seal adhesive on flaps, eliminates the need for tapes, or staples.

This mailer features a tear strip for easy opening.
Item Number SizeDescriptionPriced Per Casewt/case Add to Cart
BQ000SS 4 x 6-1/2"Self Sealed 500/cs$90.0085.0079.0074.0026
BQ00SS 5 x 8-1/2"Self Sealed 500/cs$96.0090.0084.0079.0028
BQ0SS 6 x 8-1/2"Self Sealed 500/cs$108.0096.0093.0090.0030
BQ1SS 7-1/4 x 10-1/2"Self Sealed 250/cs$76.0063.0060.0057.0025
BQ2SS 8-1/2 x 10-1/2"Self Sealed 250/cs$87.0072.0069.0066.0027
BQ3SS 8-1/2 x 13"Self Sealed 200/cs$77.0064.0061.0058.0029
BQ4SS 9-1/2 x 13"Self Sealed 250/cs$82.0068.0065.0062.0029
BQ5SS 10-1/2 x 14"Self Sealed 200/cs$103.0090.0087.0084.0031
BQ6SS 12-1/2 x 17"Self Sealed 250/cs$70.0060.0058.0055.0025
BQ7SS 14-1/4 x 18"Self Sealed 250/cs$89.0073.0070.0067.0026