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Oxygen Absorbers

An economical alternative to gas flushing or vacuum packaging methods.

Absorbs up to 3 times it's weight in oxygen.

Prevents mold, mildew, bacteria, color change, taste change, insects and toxins.

Recommended for: processed and dried meats, vitamins and spices.

Item Number Oxygen absorb. cap.Container volumeSizeSachets/bagBags/casePriced Per Bagwt/case Add to Cart
DES330 30 cc1 oz.3/4 X 1-1/8"25040$25.0023.0054
DES350 50 ccquart1 X 1-1/8"20030$25.0023.0047
DES300 300 cc2-3 gal.1-1/2 X 1-1/2"6040$45.0042.0058