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Clay Dessicant (Drums)

Desiccant is a dehydrating agent which attracts moisture from the atmosphere.
Similar to a sponge, it absorbs and holds particles of water to itself.
Montmorillonite Clay is a non-toxic, naturally occurring mined desiccant.
It has the unique advantage of being able to take on and give up water repeatedly without substantial swelling or deterioration.
It's inexpensive and highly effective in most industrial applications.

Kraft Bag - meets MIL-D3464E Type I &II.
Available in Unit Paks up to 4 unit.

Tyvek Bag - FDA approved for direct food contact.
Non-dusting, tear-proof and super strong.

Available for all size pkgs. up to 16 units.

All bags meet MIL. SPEC. MIL-D-3464E Type I and II. QPL Certified. ISO 9002

Item Number SubstrateUnit sizeSizeProtects cu. ft.Bags/ drumPriced Per Drumlbs/ drum Add to Cart
DES304-C [Img1] Kraft14-1/2 X 3".831300$184.00174.00164.00128
DES305-C [Img1] Kraft24-1/2 X 5"1.67800$179.00169.00159.00150
DES306-C [Img1] Kraft46-1/4 X 5"3.33500$174.00164.00153.00156
DES404-C [Img1] Tyvek14-1/2 X 3".831300$240.00225.00210.00157
DES405-C [Img1] Tyvek24-1/2 X 5"1.37800$227.00212.00199.00135
DES406-C [Img1] Tyvek46-1/4 X 5"3.33500$212.00198.00185.00156
DES407-C [Img1] Tyvek88-1/4 X 4-1/2"6.67300$205.00192.00183.00194
DES408-C [Img1] Tyvek1611 X 4-1/2"13.33150$189.00146.00136.00184