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XDS Insulated Shipper

These lightweight and durable shippers are an ideal choice for pharmaceuticals, frozen items and temperature sensitve items.  The XDS11 and the XDS12 were both qualified with our private line Nature Ice Gels.

The XDS12 is pre-qualified 2° - 8°C 78 hours, 0° - 15°C and 0° - 25°C 144 hours. This wll save you time, money and space.

The XDS11 is pre-qualified 2° - 8°C range for a minimum of 110 hours and 0° - 15°C for 136 hours. 

Please call for more details. 

Item Number Inside DimsWallOutside DimsPricingwt/case Add to Cart
ICXDS11-KTTS 21x13x12"2.0"25.5x17.5x16.5$65.0061.006
ICXDS12-KTTS [Img1] 12X12X12"2.0"16x16x16"$50.0045.006