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Pallet Shield® Pallet Covers

Save energy costs and prevent spoilage while keeping your product fresh.

These pallet covers effectively insulate products from heat and cold. The reflective surface should always face out, away from the product.

5 stock sizes to choose from designed to fit a 48 x 40" pallet.

Custom sizes and material upgrades available (special order up-charges apply).

Patent/Trademark Statement: Thermal Shield®, Pallet Shield®, & Cargo Shield® are federally registered trademarks all other trademarks, copyrights or logos sited herein are the property of Thermal Shield® products.U.S. Patents 5,820,268 / 6,007,467 / 6,080,096 / 7,021,524 with additional patents pending.

Item Number SizeSkid/qtyPriced Per Each Cover (sold by the skid) Add to Cart
T65A105 48X42X24"50$26.4024.5522.80
T65A110 48X42X36"50$29.5527.5025.55
T65A115 48X42X48"40$37.0034.0031.00
T65A120 48X42X60"40$43.0040.0037.00
T65A125 48X42X72"10$48.0044.6541.50
T65A150 48X40"100$6.005.605.20