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Home > Shop > Thermal Shield® Packaging > Cargo Shield™ Air Cargo 3D Box Liners

Cargo Shield™ Air Cargo 3D Box Liners

So easy to use you'll never go back to bulky coolers!

  • Folds flat, takes up only a fraction of space compared to coolers.
  • Equal or better thermal protection versus EPS.
  • Conforms to any size shipper, doesn't require expensive molds.
  • Can be used to enhance EPS coolers for demanding applications.
  • LEAKPROOF! Great for shipping live product.

Independant lab test confirm that Thermal ShieldŽ patented liners offer equal or better insulation properties than EPS styrene up to 1" wall thickness.

We also have airline owned container liner kits for:LD-2, LD-3, LD-11, LD-9, P9A, LD-7 and P6. Please call for pricing: 1-800-875-7750.

Patent/Trademark Statement: Thermal ShieldŽ, Pallet ShieldŽ, & Cargo ShieldŽ are federally registered trademarks all other trademarks, copyrights or logos sited herein are the property of Thermal ShieldŽ products. U.S. Patents 5,820,268 / 6,007,467 / 6,080,096 / 7,021,524 with additional patents pending.

Item Number SizeCubic cap.CartonCase/qtyPriced Per Each (sold per case)wt/case Add to Cart
T60A1405 29X16X16"5.25EO Container12$17.6816.3015.0010
T60A1410 35X21X21"12EH Container5$28.2826.1524.2013
T60A1415 40X28X24"18E Container5$36.0033.0031.0012
T60A1420 56X39X39"63D Container2$56.0052.0048.0010