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Thermal Shield® Roll Stock

Thermal Shield® bulk roll stock is designed to protect temperature-sensitive products from heat and cold both on the ground and in the air.

  • Roll stock is particularly useful when wrapping odd sized pallets and irregularly shaped products.
  • Great for lining large oversize boxes, container walls, and metal buildings.
  • Easy to use, safe and economical.
  • Material upgrades are available to enhance thermal protection.

Patent/Trademark Statement: Thermal Shield®, Pallet Shield®, & Cargo Shield® are federally registered trademarks all other trademarks, copyrights or logos sited herein are the property of Thermal Shield® products.U.S. Patents 5,820,268 / 6,007,467 / 6,080,096 / 7,021,524 with additional patents pending.

Item Number SizeColorSq. Ft.Priced Per Rollwt/roll Add to Cart
T50B482PW 48" X 250'White1,000$325.00300.00275.0033
T50B602PW 60" X 250'White1,250$475.00440.00415.0049
T50B722PW White1,500$575.00525.00500.0054
T50B962PW White2,000$775.00720.00670.0075
T50B485PW White2,000$675.00625.00580.0070