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Reinforced Water Activated Tape

CENTRAL™ brand tapes are widely recognized as the premier manufacturer of water activated tapes.

Fiberglass yarns are bonded between the kraft to create superior strength.

Strong, secure bond. seals almost instantly with just one piece of tape.

Not affected by hot or cold temperatures.

Great for sealing dusty cartons.

“Fast-Tack” tape bonds to corrugate in 2-3 seconds, one-pass seal.
Item Number ColorSizeRolls/CasePriced Per Casewt/cs Add to Cart
CEN240723 [Img1] Kraft2.83" x 375'8$55.0053.0043.0019
CEN240723-W [Img1] White2.83" x 375'8$60.0058.0044.0020
CEN240724 [Img1] Kraft2.83" x 450'10$70.0064.0060.0028
CEN240724-W [Img1] White2.83" x 450'10$78.0072.0069.0030
CEN260724 [Img1] Kraft3" x 450'10$82.0075.0069.0033
CEN260724W [Img1] White3" x 450'10$104.0098.0087.0034
CEN270724 [Img1] Kraft3" x 450'10$93.0085.0077.0037
CEN270724W [Img1] White3" x 450'10$113.00104.0095.0036
CEN280724 [Img1] Kraft3" x 450'10$109.00100.0092.0037