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Veryfine Cut Paper

Creates decorative/eye-catching packaging.

Quick and easy to use, requires no fluffing or manipulating.

Holds its shape even during shipment.

Available in a wide variety of colors, styles and textures.

Item Number DescriptionPriced Per Cartonwt/carton Add to Cart
170VF10K [Img1] kraft$22.0020.0019.0010
170VF10W [Img1] white$28.0026.0024.0010
170VF10C [Img1] colors$32.0032.0032.0010
170VF40K [Img1] kraft$80.0075.0070.0050
170VF40W [Img1] white$95.0090.0085.0050
170VF40C [Img1] colors$100.0095.0090.0050