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Colored Tubes

Versatile, ship a wide variety of items in these decorative tubes.

3 ply spiral wound, strong and durable.

Comes with end caps in either blue or white.

Choose from 8 different colors, specify color when ordering.
Item Number SizeThicknessQty.Priced Per Each (sold per case)wt/case Add to Cart
TM1A10C 1-1/2 x 10".06050/ctn$0.520.480.450.420.3910
TM1A16C 1-1/2 x 16".06050/ctn$0.680.630.590.550.5111
TM2A16C 2-1/2 x 16".06050/ctn$0.880.820.760.710.6612
TM2A19C 2-1/2 x 19".06050/ctn$0.980.910.850.790.7314
TM2A25C 2-1/2 x 25".06050/ctn$
TM2A37C 2-1/2 x 37".06050/ctn$1.441.341.251.161.0720
TM316C 3 x 16".06050/ctn$1.040.970.900.840.7814
TM319C 3 x 19".06050/ctn$
TM325C 3 x 25".06050/ctn$1.321.
TM337C 3 x 37".06050/ctn$1.661.541.441.341.2418