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White Mailing Tubes

3 ply wound rigidity.

Plastic caps included.

Caps stay on tight during shipping, won't pop-off!

Versatile; ship blueprints, artwork, posters and fabric bolts w/large tubes.

Custom sizes available.
Item Number SizeThicknessQuantityPriced Per Each (sold per case)wt/case Add to Cart
TM1A12W 1-1/2 x 12".06050/ctn$0.610.580.540.500.4610
TM1A15W 1-1/2 x 15".06050/ctn$0.640.600.560.530.4811
TM1A18W 1-1/2 x 18".06050/ctn$0.680.630.590.560.5112
TM1A24W 1-1/2 x 24".06050/ctn$0.740.690.640.600.5514
TM1A30W 1-1/2 x 30".06050/ctn$0.810.760.700.660.6217
TM1A36W 1-1/2 x 36".06050/ctn$0.980.910.850.800.7520
TM212W 2 x 12".06050/ctn$0.650.610.570.510.4714
TM215W 2 x 15".06050/ctn$0.710.660.510.570.5115
TM2218W 2 x 18".06050/ctn$0.760.700.640.590.5415
TM220W 2 x 20".06050/ctn$0.780.740.670.620.5618
TM224W 2 x 24".06050/ctn$0.860.800.740.680.6119
TM230W 2 x 30".07050/ctn$1.030.970.880.820.7523
TM236W 2 x 36".07050/ctn$
TM243W 2 x 43".08050/ctn$1.341.
TM248W 2 x 48".08050/ctn$1.461.361.271.221.1635
TM2A12W 2-1/2 x 12".06035/ctn$0.720.680.640.600.569
TM2A15W 2-1/2 x 15".06035/ctn$0.770.720.680.640.6011
TM2A18W 2-1/2 x 18".06035/ctn$0.820.780.720.680.6415
TM2A20W 2-1/2 x 20".06035/ctn$0.850.800.740.690.6518
TM2A24W 2-1/2 x 24".07035/ctn$0.950.910.860.810.7620
TM2A30W 2-1/2 x 30".07035/ctn$
TM2A36W 2-1/2 x 36".08035/ctn$1.331.
TM312W 3 x 12".06025/ctn$0.930.880.820.750.6810
TM315W 3 x 15".06025/ctn$0.950.890.830.760.6915
TM318W 3 x 18".07025/ctn$1.000.930.860.790.7225
TM324W 3 x 24".07025/ctn$
TM330W 3 x 30".08025/ctn$1.351.
TM336W 3 x 36".08025/ctn$1.571.481.371.281.2022
TM342W 3 x 42".08025/ctn$1.761.671.581.521.4624
TM348W 3 x 48".08025/ctn$2.081.971.791.651.5927
TM412W 4 x 12".08025/ctn$1.341.
TM418W 4 x 18".08025/ctn$1.601.501.391.291.1818
TM424W 4 x 24".08025/ctn$1.791.681.551.451.3225
TM430W 4 x 30".08025/ctn$
TM436W 4 x 36".08025/ctn$2.382.252.071.921.7638
TM442W 4 x 42".08025/ctn$2.682.522.332.161.9741