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Home > Shop > Bags & Pouches > White Block Poly Bags > 2 mil White Block Reclosable Bags

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2 mil White Block Reclosable Bags

Perfect for labeling light-weight parts.
White block area accepts marker, rubber stamp, grease pencil, or pen.

Meets FDA/USDA specs.

Item Number SizeQtyPriced Per Casewt/case Add to Cart
PZW0202-2 2X2"1000$29.0026.0019.0015.001
PZW0203-2 2X3"1000$30.0027.0020.0016.002
PZW0303-2 3X3"1000$34.0029.0022.0019.002
PZW0304-2 3X4"1000$36.0030.0023.0020.003
PZW0305-2 3X5"1000$21.0021.0021.0021.004
PZW0404-2 4X4"1000$42.0038.0030.0026.004
PZW0406-2 4X6"1000$28.0028.0028.0028.006
PZW0408-2 4X8"1000$51.0045.0038.0034.007
PZW0505-2 5X5"1000$48.0042.0035.0032.006
PZW0508-2 5X8"1000$56.0050.0041.0037.008
PZW0608-2 6X8"1000$64.0057.0047.0043.0011
PZW0609-2 6X9"1000$44.0044.0044.0044.0012
PZW0810-2 8X10"1000$92.0084.0071.0064.0016
PZW0912-2 9X12"1000$111.00101.0086.0078.0021