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Wiper Dispensers

Ideal for high volume environments like manufacturing, gas stations, tool carts, work stations and food processing.
Item Number DescriptionColorDispensesDisp/casePriced Per Casewt/case Add to Cart
TK40WB-G [Img1] Wiper bracketgraypop-ups6$34.0032.0029.003
TK40WB-W [Img1] Wiper bracketwhitepop-ups6$34.0032.0029.003
TK40TH [Img1] Top holdergraytop packs1$34.0032.0029.002
TK40MB [Img1] M-boxbluerolls1$34.0032.0029.003
TK40MAXI [Img1] Maxi-boxbluerolls1$34.0032.0029.007