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Blank Labels

Pressure-sensitive label.

High quality, smudge proof.

Can be used in most printers.

All borders are preprinted as they are displayed above.

Pinfed and regular labels come 500/roll.

Laser labels are 6/sheet, 100 sheets/cs.
Item Number SizeDescriptionPriced Per Roll Add to Cart
L1400SD [Img1] 3X4"Pinfed 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1500SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo Pinfed 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1600SD [Img1] 4X3"Laser 100 Sheets/CS$33.0030.0028.0026.00
L1700SD [Img1] 3X4"Roll 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1800SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1403SD [Img1] 3X4"Pinfed 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1503SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo Pinfed 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1603SD [Img1] 4X3"Laser 100 Sheets/CS$33.0030.0028.0026.00
L1703SD [Img1] 3X4"Roll 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1803SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1406SD [Img1] 3X4"Pinfed 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1506SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo Pinfed 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1606SD [Img1] 4X3"Laser 100 Sheets/CS$33.0030.0028.0026.00
L1706SD [Img1] 3X4"Roll 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1806SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1409SD [Img1] 3X4"Pinfed 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1509SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo Pinfed 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1609SD [Img1] 4X3"Laser 100 Sheets/CS$33.0030.0028.0026.00
L1709SD [Img1] 3X4"Roll 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1809SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1412SD [Img1] 3X4"Pinfed 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1512SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo Pinfed 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1612SD [Img1] 4X3"Laser 100 Sheets/CS$33.0030.0028.0026.00
L1712SD [Img1] 3X4"Roll 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1812SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1415SD [Img1] 3X4"Pinfed 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1515SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo Pinfed 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1615SD [Img1] 4X3"Laser 100 Sheets/CS$33.0030.0028.0026.00
L1715SD [Img1] 3X4"Roll 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1815SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1418SD [Img1] 3X4"Pinfed 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1518SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo Pinfed 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1618SD [Img1] 4X3"Laser 100 Sheets/CS$33.0030.0028.0026.00
L1718SD [Img1] 3X4"Roll 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1818SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1421SD [Img1] 3X4"Pinfed 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1521SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo Pinfed 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1621SD [Img1] 4X3"Laser 100 Sheets/CS$33.0030.0028.0026.00
L1721SD [Img1] 3X4"Roll 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1821SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1424SD [Img1] 3X4"Pinfed 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1524SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo Pinfed 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1624SD [Img1] 4X3"Laser 100 Sheets/CS$33.0030.0028.0026.00
L1724SD [Img1] 3X4"Roll 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1824SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1427SD [Img1] 3X4"Pinfed 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1527SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo Pinfed 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1627SD [Img1] 4X3"Laser 100 Sheets/CS$33.0030.0028.0026.00
L1727SD [Img1] 3X4"Roll 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1827SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1430SD [Img1] 3X4"Pinfed 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1530SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo Pinfed 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1630SD [Img1] 4X3"Laser 100 Sheets/CS$33.0030.0028.0026.00
L1730SD [Img1] 3X4"Roll 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1830SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1433SD [Img1] 3X4"Pinfed 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1533SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo Pinfed 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00
L1633SD [Img1] 4X3"Laser 100 Sheets/CS$33.0030.0028.0026.00
L1733SD [Img1] 3X4"Roll 500/RL$36.0034.0030.0027.00
L1833SD [Img1] 4X5"Jumbo 500/RL$40.0038.0034.0031.00