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VCI Absorbers

These inserts can be used as a primary or complementary corrosion control system in virtually any packaging system, ranging from corrugated boxes to zipper closure bags.

Absorbs corrosive gases, self replenishing, long term protection.

Multifunctional protection: VpCI, static dissipating and desiccant abilities.

Corrosorbers™ actually change color as they are used up!
Item Number DescriptionQtyPriced Per Cartonwt/carton Add to Cart
VCA101 [Img1] 2-1/4 X 2" protects 1 cu. ft.300/ctn$290.00270.00251.00233.002
VCA103 [Img1] 3/4" dia. protects 1/4 cu. ft.4000/ctn$437.00406.00378.00350.0010
VCA105 [Img1] 2-1/4 X 1-1/4" protects 11 cu. ft.10/ctn$99.0092.0086.0079.001