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Home > Shop > Self-Seal Bubble-Out® Bags

Self-Seal Bubble-Out® Bags

Protect delicate items with a cushion of air.

1 lip with peel and seal adhesive for secure closure.

15 sizes to choose from.
Item Number SizeQuantityPriced Per Casewt/case Add to Cart
BOB0455 4 X 5-1/2"1,000/cs$88.0084.0080.0077.0012
BOB0475 4 X 7-1/2"500/cs$54.0052.0050.0048.0012
BOB0506 5 X 6"450/cs$61.0059.0056.0054.005
BOB0685 6 X 8-1/2"250/cs$42.0040.0039.0037.0015
BOB07115 7 X 11-1/2"250/cs$75.0072.0069.0066.0015
BOB0785 7 X 8-1/2"250/cs$57.0055.0052.0050.008
BOB08115 8 X 11-1/2"450/cs$106.00101.0097.0093.009
BOB08155 8 X 15-1/2"350/cs$112.00108.00103.0097.0011
BOB08175 8 X 17-1/2"250/cs$106.00101.0097.0093.0013
BOB10155 10 X 15-1/2"250/cs$101.0097.0093.0089.0011
BOB12115 12 X 11-1/2"250/cs$104.00100.0096.0092.0011
BOB12155 12 x 15-1/2"200/cs$91.0087.0084.0080.0012
BOB12235 12 x 23-1/2"150/cs$86.0082.0078.0074.0013
BOB15175 15 x 17-1/2"150/cs$87.0083.0079.0075.0011
BOB18235 18 x 23-1/2"100/cs$86.0082.0078.0074.0012