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Home > Shop > Refillable Valve Marker & Inks

Refillable Valve Marker & Inks

Great alternative to throw-away markers.

Round tip included.

Valve action tip prevents ink dry out and eliminates wasted ink.

Large refillable barrel saves you time and money.
Item Number DescriptionQty/casePriced Per Casewt/case Add to Cart
Q18100 Refillable Marker12$180.00167.00155.001
Q18105 Round Replacement Tips12$25.0023.0021.001
Q18110 Chisel Replacement Tips12$29.0027.0025.001
Q18001 Pint / Black12$165.00153.00143.0024
Q18051 Quart / Black12$195.00181.00167.0030
Q18002 Pint / Blue12$145.00135.00125.0024
Q18003 Pint / Green12$145.00135.00125.0024
Q18004 Pint / Red12$174.00162.00150.0024
Q19001 Pint / Yellow-Pigmented12$134.00125.00116.0024
Q19002 Pint / White-Pigmented12$112.00104.0097.0024
Q19003 Pint / Yellow-Pigmented12$127.00118.00110.0024