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Flatback Tape

Flatback kraft tapes have a tough backing that stays strong even under moist conditions.

Better than any masking tape!

Meets US postal and UPS requirements, ASTM D5486 and UFC rule 41.

Did you know?
Flatback tapes are hand tearable
Item Number MilColorSizeRolls/CasePriced Per Roll (sold per case)wt/cs Add to Cart
PRE03002-48 6.0Kraft2" x 60 yds.24$3.002.792.5823
PRE03002-72 6.0Kraft3" x 60 yd16$4.404.093.7825
IPG03012-24 6.0Kraft1" x 60 yd36$2.402.232.0615
IPG03012-48 6.0Kraft2" x 60 yd24$4.404.093.7819
IPG03008-18 7.4Natural3/4" x 60 yd48$1.501.401.2917
IPG03008-24 7.4Natural1" x 60 yd36$2.001.861.7217
IPG03008-36 7.4Natural1-1/2" x 60 yd24$3.002.792.5817
IPG03008-48 7.4Natural2" x 60 yd24$4.003.723.4423
IPG03008-72 7.4Natural3" x 60 yd16$6.005.585.1625
IPG03014-24 8.4Bleached1" x 60 yd36$2.502.332.1520
IPG03014-48 8.4Bleached2" x 60 yd24$5.004.654.3024
IPG03014-72 8.4Bleached3" x 120 yd16$14.5013.4912.4750