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Color Tinted Film

Cast film, noiseless unwind, comes off smooth.

Conceals product identity, great for international shipments.

Color code inventory, match corporate colors.

Puncture resistant 80 gauge film.
Item Number GaugeSizeColorPriced Per Case (4 rolls/case)wt/case Add to Cart
SF1880-C1 8018" X 1500'red$90.0080.0044
SF1880-C2 8018" X 1500'blue$90.0080.0044
SF1880-C3 8018" X 1500'green$90.0080.0044
SF1880-C4 8018" X 1500'orange$90.0080.0044
SF1880-C5 8018" X 1500'purple$90.0080.0044