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PaperPlus® Kraft Rolls

STOROpacks void-fill system!

Designed for the high-volume user.

100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Clean, dust-free and inherently anti-static.

Multi-layered “paper mattress” offers outstanding cushioning.

Use to wrap, cushion, block & brace, or void-fill.

1 pallet of PAPERplus® is equivalent to a full truckload of bubble.

Frontier can integrate the PAPERplus® system seamlessly with your existing pack-lines.

Call us at 1-800-567-6819 and put PAPERplus® to work today!
Item Number DescriptionBasis wt.Rolls/palletPriced Per Rollwt/roll Add to Cart
D002569 30" X 900' 2-ply30#25$110.00176.00163.0052
D002571 30" X 1350' 2-ply30#16$135.00121.00112.0035
D002572 30" X 900' 2-ply43#16$120.00142.00128.0039
D002573 30" X 1300' 2-ply43#12$150.00176.00163.0052
D002575 30" X 900' 2-ply60#25$100.0092.0090.0026