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Conductive Tubing

Carbon impregnated polyethylene film allows electrical charge flow on the surface.

Non-sloughing, does not contaminate components it comes in contact with despite repeated use, and is ground able. 

Not affected by humidity.

Customize your bag lengths with poly tubing.

Great for irregular length electronic components.

Surface resistivity - <1000/ohms/sq ASTM-D25

Volume receptivity - <300/OHMS/cm ASTM-D991 

Meets MIL-P-82646, Rev. A specs.

Item Number SizePriced Per Rollwt/roll Add to Cart
PT-C04-4 4"X750'$93.2581.0070.5012
PT-C06-4 6"X750'$126.85110.2595.9017
PT-C08-4 8"X750'$165.25143.70124.9519
PT-C10-4 10"X750'$204.25177.60154.4529
PT-C12-4 12"X750'$239.30208.10180.9535
PT-C14-4 14"X750'$278.10241.80210.2540
PT-C16-4 16"X750'$314.70273.60237.9546
PT-C18-4 18"X750'$345.30300.25261.1052
PT-C20-4 20"X750'$589.30512.45445.6058
PT-C24-4 24"X750'$703.90612.10532.2569