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Home > Shop > Static Control Products > Anti-Static Bubble-Out® Bags

Anti-Static Bubble-Out® Bags

3/16” bubble cushions product while protecting against static discharge.

Protects relays, circuit boards and other electronic components.

Ships via UPS oversize.

Please call for pricing on flat bags.

Meets requirements of Federal spec PPP-C-795C, Class 2.
Item Number SizeQtyPriced Per Casewt/case Add to Cart
BOB-AS0455 4X5-1/2"1000/CS$101.0097.0091.0087.007
BOB-AS0475 4X7-1/2"500/CS$58.0055.0051.0049.0012
BOB-AS0685 6X8-1/2"250/CS$38.0038.0038.0038.0011
BOB-AS0785 7X8-1/2"250/CS$64.0061.0058.0056.007
BOB-AS07115 7X11-1/2"500/CS$160.00151.00144.00137.0018
BOB-AS08115 8X11-1/2"450/CS$94.0094.0094.0094.0017
BOB-AS08155 8X15-1/2"350/CS$114.00110.00105.0099.0024
BOB-AS08175 8X17-1/2"250/CS$129.00118.00112.00107.0012
BOB-AS10155 10X15-1/2"250/CS$105.0099.0095.0091.0012
BOB-AS12115 12X11-1/2"250/CS$129.00118.00112.00107.0012
BOB-AS12155 12x15-1/2"200/CS$95.0090.0086.0082.0014
BOB-AS12235 12x23-1/2"150/CS$89.0085.0081.0077.0016
BOB-AS15175 15x17-1/2"150/CS$90.0086.0082.0078.0015
BOB-AS18235 18x23-1/2"100/CS$89.0085.0081.0077.0014