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Packing Boxes

These are the same boxes the moving & storage professionals use.

All cartons are marked with room identification and content stamps.
Item Number SizeHolds Cu. Ft.Suggested useBundle qtys.Priced Per Each (sold in bundles)wt/bundle Add to Cart
M15 [Img1] 16x12-1/2x12-1/2"1.5Books, VHS tapes, Tools25/BD 250/BL$0.910.910.9130
M30 [Img1] 18x18x16"3.0Kitchen items, Toys15/BD 150/BL$1.541.541.5450
M45 [Img1] 24x18x18"4.5Lamp shades, Clothing15/BD 150/BL$1.971.971.9737
M45TALL [Img1] 18x18x24"4.5Comforter, Pillows25/BD 150/BL$1.971.971.9737
M47 [Img1] 23x20x23"6.1pillows, blankets, towels15/BD 135/BL$3.573.573.5744