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Oil Boards

High quality oil treated paper board.

Resists ink bleed-through for clean, sharp marks.

Oils in the paperboard lubricates the punches, extending the life of the stencil machine.

Meets Fed.Spec. UU-S-625.
Item Number SizeQty/caseThicknessPriced Per Casewt/case Add to Cart
50MOB0516 5 x 161175.015$97.0090.0050
50MOB0520 5 x 20920.015$97.0090.0050
50MOB0616 6 x 16975.015$97.0090.0050
50MOB0620 6 x 20785.015$97.0090.0050
50MOB0624 6 x 24650.015$97.0090.0050
50MOB0720 7 x 20650.015$97.0090.0050
50MOB0724 7 x 24540.015$97.0090.0050
50MOB1124 11 x 24335.015$102.0093.0050
50MOB1136 11 x 36255.015$102.0093.0050
50MOB2436 24 x 36215.015$204.00186.00100