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Home > Shop > Boxes - Corrugated > Haz-Mat Packaging > Haz Mat Foam Shipper Kits

Haz Mat Foam Shipper Kits

All the components needed to safely ship paint, solvents and other hazardous materials.

Foam pads provide cushion and a snug fit inside of box.

Locking rings provide quality assurance.

For shipments by air, ground or water.

Meets carrier requirements.

Contents of kit:
Preassembled box
Can w/lid
Pressure ring
Foam pads

It is the responsibility of the shipper to select the appropriate packaging for use with contents, and ensure such packagings are compatible with their BOL. Consult current regulations.

Item Number SizeStyleUN numberTestBundle qty.Priced Per Eachwt/ bundle Add to Cart
HAZKIT01 5-3/8X5-3/8X6-3/8"1 - 1 QTUN4G/Y3.2/S275#SW5$6.846.586.273
HAZKIT02 10-3/4X10-3/4X6-3/8"4 - 1 QTUN4G/Y7.9/S275#SW5$18.5017.3516.2212
HAZKIT03 8-1/2X8-1/2X9-5/16"1 - 1 GALUN4G/Y9.5/S275#SW5$10.349.809.189
HAZKIT04 17X8-1/2X9-5/16"2 - 1 GALUN4G/Y18.8/S275#DW5$18.5017.3516.2216
HAZKIT05 17X17X9-5/16"4 - 1 GALUN4G/Y37.5/S275#DW5$30.3028.9727.7829