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Literature Mailers

Perfect for your literature pieces without the expense of a custom carton.

Assembles in seconds.

No need for glue, tape or staples.

Nice white clean appearance.

200# test.
Item Number SizeQtyPriced Per Each (sold per bundle)wt/bundle Add to Cart
STM0771 7-3/8X7-3/8X1-3/8"50/BD 2,700/BL$0.430.400.380.357
STM0773 7-1/2X7X3-1/4"50/BD 1,800/BL$0.710.660.630.5715
STM0964 9X6-1/4X4"50/BD 900/BL$1.050.980.870.8317
STM0962 9X6-1/2X2-3/4"50/BD 1,800/BL$0.440.440.440.4415
STM0993 9X9X3"50/BD 900/BL$0.820.770.720.6415
STM10102 10X10X2"50/BD 900/BL$0.860.820.770.6617
STM1162 11X6-1/2X2-3/4"50/BD 1,800/BL$0.650.600.550.4815
STM1182 11-1/8X8-3/4X2"50/BD 1,800/BL$0.540.540.540.5419
STM1182A 11-1/8X8-3/4X2-5/16"50/BD 1,800/BL$0.820.760.710.6519
STM1183 11-1/8X8-3/4X3"50/BD 1,800/BL$0.970.870.820.7220
STM1184 11-1/8X8-3/4X4"50/BD 900/BL$1.030.950.870.7824
STM11113 11-1/2X11-1/2X3-3/4"50/BD 900/BL$
STM11102 11-3/4X10-3/4X2-1/4"50/BD 1,800/BL$0.460.460.460.4620
STM11104 11-3/4X10-3/4X4"50/BD 900/BL$1.471.401.301.1233
STM12113 12X11-3/4X3-1/4"50/BD 900/BL$
STM12122 12X12X2"50/BD 900/BL$
STM1292 12-1/8X9-1/4X2"50/BD 1,800/BL$0.770.710.660.5818
STM1293 12-1/8X9-1/4X3"50/BD 900/BL$
STM1294 12-1/8X9-1/4X4"50/BD 900/BL$0.860.860.860.8626
STM1296 12-1/8X9-1/4X6"50/BD 900/BL$
STM13102 13X10X2"50/BD 900/BL$
STM14142 14X14X2"50/BD 900/BL$1.311.231.120.9530
STM14114 14-1/4X11-1/4X4"50/BD 900/BL$
STM15112 15-1/8X11-1/8X2"50/BD 900/BL$
STM15114 15-1/8X11-1/8X4"50/BD 900/BL$1.401.291.211.0736