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100% polypropylene socks are ideal for conforming tovarious shapes around leaky machinery.

Fast-wicking - socks retain liquids long after absorbing them.

Choose from two different case packs from low volume to high volume applications.

When it comes to absorbency & durability, Spilfyter absorbents outperforms the competition on every level.

Spilfyter absorbs up to 21/2 times more liquid than coarse fiber products and can absorb up to 12 times their weight in liquid.

Spilfyter absorbents are 100% “melt-blown” polypropylene.

Item Number WidthDescriptionAbsorp. cap./csQtyPriced Per Casewt/case Add to Cart
210-3232CP 3X48"oil-only sock14 Gal.15/CS$70.0063.0012
210-3318CP 3X48"universal sock14 Gal.15/CS$45.0040.0012
210-3404HZ 3X48"haz-mat sock16 Gal.15/CS$90.0080.0012
210-3364CB 3X48"cellulose sock30 Gal.15/CS$60.0055.0014
210-3234CP 3X48"oil-only sock36 Gal.40/CS$170.00155.0031
210-3320CP 3X48"universal sock36 Gal.40/CS$90.0080.0031
210-3406HZ 3X48"haz-mat sock41 Gal.40/CS$190.00175.0031
210-3366CB 3X48"cellulose sock80 Gal.40/CS$125.00105.0042