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Corrugated Bins

Large selection for 12, 18, & 24” deep shelving.

Organize parts/supplies with these sturdy bins.

For items larger than 4-1/8” in height use our jumbo bins, they have 10” high sides.
Item Number SizeSold in bundlesPriced Per Eachwt/bundle Add to Cart
STB412 4X12X4-1/2"25/BD$0.690.660.625
STB612 6X12X4-1/2"25/BD$0.760.710.676
STB812 8X12X4-1/2"25/BD$0.880.830.797
STB1012 10X12X4-1/2"25/BD$0.880.820.789
STB1212 12X12X4-1/2"25/BD$0.920.870.8410
STB418 4X18X4-1/2"25/BD$0.910.870.836
STB618 6X18X4-1/2"25/BD$
STB818 8X18X4-1/2"25/BD$
STB1018 10X18X4-1/2"25/BD$
STB1218 12X18X4-1/2"25/BD$1.421.371.3011
STBJ812 8X12X8"25/BD$1.441.361.2818
STBJ1012 10X12X8"25/BD$1.521.441.3620
STBJ1212 12X12X8"25/BD$1.601.521.4421
STBJ818 8X18X8"25/BD$
STBJ1018 10X18X8"25/BD$
STBJ1218 12X18X8"25/BD$