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Static Shielding Reclosable Bags

Total Faraday cage protection from (ESD) electrostatic discharge.

4 layer structure with a metal “shielding layer” prevents the penetration of damaging electrostatic fields.

ESD warning label is printed directly on bag.

Reclosable bags feature dual track, anti-static, amine-free zipper material.

Choose from economical open-ended bags or durable zip top style.

Meets MIL-PRF-81705D, TYPE III, EIA-541, EIA-625, MIL-HDBK-263 and MIL-STD-1686 requirements.
Item Number SizeQtyPriced Per Casewt/case Add to Cart
202-0305 3X5"100/CS$14.0014.0014.0014.001
202-0406 4X6"100/CS$18.0018.0018.0018.002
202-0425 4X25"CALL$
202-0608 6X8"100/CS$26.0026.0026.0026.002
202-0630 6X30"CALL$
202-0808 8X8"CALL$
202-0810 8X10"100/CS$37.0037.0037.0037.003
202-0912 9X12"100/CS$57.0054.0052.0050.004
202-1012 10X12"100/CS$58.0055.0053.0051.004
202-1212 12X12"100/CS$72.0068.0065.0063.006
202-1216 12X16"CALL$
202-1418 14X18"CALL$
202-1624 16X24"CALL$