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Polyolefin Film

Sytec MVP film is an innovative shrink film for a wide range of applications.

Special Features - User friendly, conforms to any product shape.

Shrink & Seal properties - Quick shrinkage at low temps., outstanding sealability, low shrink force.

Complies with FDA specifications for food contact.

Item Number WidthGaugeFt/rollPriced Per RollWt/roll Add to Cart
SHF1260CF 12"604,375$137.00123.00117.0025
SHF1460CF 14"604,375$175.00159.00149.0034
SHF1860CF 18"604,375$193.00175.00167.0038
SHF1275CF 12"753,500$128.00113.00108.0025
SHF1675CF 16"753,500$164.00149.00142.0034
SHF1875CF 18"753,500$182.00167.00160.0040