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Home > Shop > 6 mil Anti-Static Flat Bags

6 mil Anti-Static Flat Bags

Enclose your valuable components in these economical anti-stat bags.

Can be heat sealed, or taped shut.

Call for custom sizes or large volume orders.

Meets the full decay requirements of MIL-PRF-81705D Type II.

Item Number SizeQtyPriced Per Casewt/case Add to Cart
PB-AS0305-6 3X5"1000/CS$36.0036.0036.009
PB-AS0405-6 4X5"CALL$
PB-AS0406-6 4X6"1000/CS$57.0052.0049.0011
PB-AS0408-6 4X8"CALL$
PB-AS0507-6 5X7"CALL$
PB-AS0508-6 5X8"CALL$
PB-AS0608-6 6X8"1000/CS$109.00101.0091.0021
PB-AS0610-6 6X10"CALL$
PB-AS0612-6 6X12"1000/CS$131.00120.00109.0028
PB-AS0810-6 8X10"1000/CS$143.00131.00112.0034
PB-AS0812-6 8X12"CALL$
PB-AS0912-6 9X12"1000/CS$173.00154.00143.0045
PB-AS1012-6 10X12"1000/CS$199.00182.00159.0050
PB-AS1014-6 10X14"CALL$
PB-AS1016-6 10X16"500/CS$137.00127.00115.0033
PB-AS1215-6 12X15"CALL$
PB-AS1218-6 12X18"500/CS$157.00143.00130.0045
PB-AS1618-6 16X18"250/CS$109.00101.0092.0028
PB-AS1624-6 16X24"250/CS$133.00124.00114.0038
PB-AS1820-6 18X20"250/CS$120.00112.00104.0037
PB-AS1824-6 18X24"250/CS$141.00134.00122.0042
PB-AS1836-6 18X36"100/CS$104.0094.0085.0026
PB-AS2436-6 24X36"100/CS$119.00109.00102.0035