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Haz Mat Box Shippers

Our UN certified paint can shippers keep you compliant allowing you to safely ship your own cans.

For use with Quart & gallon pai

Choose from sturdy singlewall, or heavy-duty doublewall.

UPS, truck and air approved.

5 gal. shipper is only suitable for ground, or sea shipments.

It is the responsibility of the shipper to select the appropriate packaging for use with contents, and ensure such packagings are compatible with their BOL. Consult current regulations.

Item Number SizeHolds styleUN numberBurst testBundle qty.Priced Per Each (2 bd. min.)wt/ bundle Add to Cart
HAZ01 4-7/16X4-7/16X5"1 - 1QTUN4G/Y2.3/S275#SW20$1.721.501.175
HAZ02 9-7/16X4-7/16X5"2 - 1QTUN4G/Y4.8/S275#SW20$1.841.621.338
HAZ03 9-7/16X9-7/16X5"4 - 1QTUN4G/Y9.6/S275#SW20$1.651.451.2516
HAZ04 6-7/8X6-7/8X7-7/8"1 - 1GALUN4G/Y7.5/S275#DW20$1.551.351.1515
HAZ05 14-1/8X6-7/8X7-7/8"2 - 1GALUN4G/Y12.5/S350#DW20$2.061.841.6220
HAZ06 14-1/4X14-1/4X7-7/8"4 - 1GALUN4G/Y25.1/S350#SDW20$3.843.563.2243
HAZ07 12-7/8X12-1/8X13-9/16"1 - 5 GALUN4G/Y38.5/S350#DW20$3.102.852.6538