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Mattress Boxes

Complete line of mattress boxes to choose from.

Used for moving or storage.

Full overlap flaps provide double the protection and keep your mattress dust-free.

Mattress bags available.
Item Number SizeDescriptionPriced Per EachBale qtys.wt/bale Add to Cart
MMATT22 52x7x28"Crib mattress box$5.264.95100/BL409
MMATT33 75x7x39"Twin mattress box$10.169.63100/BL593
MMATT46 75x7x54"Double mattress box$13.2312.22100/BL657
MMATT48-OVSZ 81x10x39"K/Q INNER mattress box$11.9411.25100/BL739
MMATT49-OVSZ 81-1/2x10-1/4x43"K/Q OUTER mattress box$11.9411.25100/BL777
MMATT50-PTOP 80.5x15x39"K/Q UNIVERSAL mattress box$13.4412.32100/BL763