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Artwork/Mirror Boxes

Printed mirror boxes provide easy identification of contents.

Large selection of mirror boxes.

Uncompromised protection for valuable artwork or mirrors.

Use mirror inserts for added protection and a snug fit.

Prescored and easy to fold.
Item Number SizeDescriptionPriced Per EachBundle qtys.wt/bundle Add to Cart
MM2PCIN [Img1] 37x4x30"2pc. Mirror (inner)$3.752.5010/BD23
MM2PCOUT [Img1] 37-1/2x4-1/4x30"2pc. Mirror (outer)$3.752.5010/BD23
MM4PCSM [Img1] 16x3-3/4x20"4pc. Mirror (small)$5.314.845 SETS/BD27
MM4PCLG [Img1] 22x3-3/4x33"4pc. Mirror (large)$6.315.845 SETS/BD27
MM5 [Img1] 34x15-1/4"Mirror Inserts$0.550.5020/BD8