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Rolmark Inks & Supplies

MARSH® inks are permanent, waterproof and fast drying.

Marks on plastics, paper, steel drums, etc.

Works on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Fountain Roller Kit:
Includes roller with cover and Qt. of black ink.

Fountain Roller:
Has a lightweight aluminum handle and holds up to 4 oz. of ink.

Push button release allows control of ink flow for perfect markings.

Fountain Brush:
1/2” diameter surface. quick pump action. Cover included.
Item Number DescriptionPriced Per Eachwt/each Add to Cart
Q11540 Rolmark fountain roller kit$77.0071.0066.004
Q11550 Rolmark fountian roller$65.0060.0054.002
Q11554 Rolmark replacement roller$13.0012.0011.001
Q13006 Quart of black Rolmark ink$22.0021.0020.003
Q13056 Gallon of black Rolmark ink$67.0061.0056.0010
Q17200 Quart of Rolmark solvent & cleaner$12.0012.0012.003