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Packing Tables

Frontier's workstations can be modified with different components to address safety, workflow and organizational requirements.

Turn wasted space into functional work areas.

Superior steel construction.

Durable 1-1/2” welded steel legs.

Corners are rounded for safety.

Optional Benchtops available:
Metal over board
Shop Top
Item Number DimensionsDescriptionCapacityPriced Per Each Add to Cart
D15A115 [Img1] 68X30X34"light duty work bench1000 lbs$395.00
D15KIT04 [Img1] 83X36X76"workstation500 lbs$790.00
D15KIT05 [Img1] 83X36X76"w/computer trayscall for price$0.00
D15KIT06 [Img1] 83X36X76"w/o document shelf1800 lbs$750.00
D15KIT07 [Img1] 83X36X76"with document shelf1800 lbs$875.00
D15KIT01 [Img1] 83X36X76"w/o scale table1800 lbs$900.00
D15KIT02 [Img1] 83X36X76"with scale tablecall for price$0.00
D15KIT03 [Img1] 68X33X30"back-to-back pack stationscall for price$0.00