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Water Activated Tape Dispensers

Manual 333 Plus

  • Our best selling manual lever dispenser.
  • Just set knob for tape length and pull handle.
  • Dispenses tape up to 30" long>
  • Built-to-last, and virtually trouble free.

Electronic 555e5 Series

  • Push-button, one-touch operation.
  • Choose from more that 15 pre-set lengths.
  • Dispenses tape up to 90" long.
  • Quiet and reliable.
  • Color coded keypad is easy to use.
  • Recommended for higher volumes of sealing.
  • Heated water bottle activates glue instantly.
Item Number DescriptionFits tape widthsPriced Per Eachwt/ea Add to Cart
D002430 [Img1] Manual 333 Plus1-1/2 to 3"$350.00340.00330.0022
D002430H [Img1] Manual w/Heater1-1/2 to 3"$430.00420.00395.0023
D002440 [Img1] Electronic 555e51-1/2 to 3"$990.00965.00925.0033
D002445 [Img1] Automatic 555e5A1-1/2 to 3"$1,075.001,025.00995.0033