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Preprinted Box Sealing Tape

Our preprinted tapes offer you a custom message without the custom price!

Tough polypropylene has excellent shear strength and resists tape splitting.

Many stock prints available.
Item Number MessageMilBackground ColorSizeRolls/CasePriced Per Roll (sold per case)wt/case Add to Cart
CVT65010W-SP1 [Img1] Stop If Seal Is Broken...2.0White2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010W-SP2 [Img1] Fragile Handle With Care2.0White2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010W-SP3 [Img1] Notice To Consignee...2.0White2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010T-SP3 [Img1] Notice To Consignee...2.0Tan2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010W-SP4 [Img1] Mixed Merchandise...2.0White2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010T-SP4 [Img1] Mixed Merchandise...2.0Tan2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010W-SP5 [Img1] Repack2.0White2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010W-SP6 [Img1] Packing List Enclosed2.0White2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010W-SP7 [Img1] Made In America2.0White2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010W-SP8 [Img1] Do Not Drop Load2.0White2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010W-SP9 [Img1] Invoice Enclosed2.0White2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010W-SP10 [Img1] Season's Greetings2.0White2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010W-SP11 [Img1] Made In USA2.0White2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65010W-SP12 [Img1] Do Not Break Pallet2.0White2" x 55 yds36$2.301.9514
CVT65020W-SP1 [Img1] Stop If Seal Is Broken...2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020W-SP2 [Img1] Fragile handle With Care2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020W-SP3 [Img1] Notice To Consignee...2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020T-SP3 [Img1] Notice To Consignee...2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020W-SP4 [Img1] Mixed Merchandise...2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020T-SP4 [Img1] Mixed Merchandise...2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020W-SP5 [Img1] Repack2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020W-SP6 [Img1] Packing List enclosed2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020W-SP7 [Img1] Made In America2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020W-SP8 [Img1] Do Not Top Load2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020W-SP9 [Img1] Invoice Enclosed2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020W-SP10 [Img1] Season's Greetings2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020W-SP11 [Img1] Made In USA2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65020W-SP12 [Img1] Do Not Break Pallet2.0White2" x 110 yds36$4.503.7522
CVT65022W-SP1 [Img1] Stop If seal Is Broken...2.0White3" x 110 yds24$6.955.9522