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Xpander Pak Foam Expansion Mailer Envelope

Cushioning-on-demand, when you need it. Simply pierce outer film of mailer and watch as it expands up to 5(x) times its original size. “Lock-In” your product and secure the contents exactly where you place them, no void-fill needed.

We offer several cushioning and insulating thicknesses from Economy to Rx grade for pharmaceuticals. Xpander Pak® mailers are used in a variety of industries where sensitive or delicate items need superior protection. Durable and tough on the outside, ultra soft and insulating on the inside.

Xpander Pak® mailers require less space vs traditional EPS coolers, and are an effective replacement for small shipments, clinical samples, etc. In fact Xpander Pak® mailers allow you to cut your shipping costs in half by avoiding dimensional weight charges common with EPS foam coolers.



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